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Here is a letter to the editor from Gene Vosseler


As we celebrate the birth of freedom of our country on the Fourth of July, the Founding Fathers of this great nation are probably churning in their graves.

In his visit to China, President Clinton not only glossed over the brutal massacre in Tienanmen Square as a "difference of opinion" but he called for the success of the "important work of deepening our friendship and our sense of mutual respect."

How is that for a diplomatic coup for our new friends, the Butchers of Beijing? President Clinton went on to whitewash Chinese actions by making the massacre a moral equivalent to "the painful moments in our own history where fundamental human rights were denied."

This President has embraced a communist state as a friend, a new "strategic partner" -- not withstanding its persecution and torture of Christians, forced abortions of its female citizens, the slaughter of 1.2 million Tibetans and the armed occupation of that peace-loving and sovereign state.

By condoning criminal acts by aging Chinese leaders contemptuous of fundamental American values such as justice, freedom, and rule of law, President Clinton sent an unmistakable message that Taiwan’s freedom and independence would be sacrificed on the altar of greed, power politics, and political expediency.

The President further pronounced his benediction on the so-called "three noes" -- that the United States would not support the independence of Taiwan, the creation of two Chinas and the admittance of Taiwan into the United Nations.

The message is clear. Taiwan is expendable. Our President, who is speaking on behalf of our nation, no longer recognizes their freedom and sovereignty.

The tragic consequence of this diplomatic sell-out is that the door has been opened for China’s future military invasion of Taiwan. And as in Tibet, the U.S. has signaled that it will do nothing.

As for Japan, India, Pakistan, and all of the other players in Southeast Asia, it’s wake-up time. They now know that it’s time to reassess their relationship with the U.S. on the basis of their own national security interests.

China, now warmly embraced as an equal partner of the United States, is the new big bully on the block in the Far East. The truth is now painfully evident for all who have eyes to see. Nothing is more sacred to the U.S. political leaders than the business interests of its corporate and banking masters.

Lenin was right. American businessmen "will sell the rope to hang themselves." And unfortunately, their fellow Americans will go down with them.

Press Release


July 2, 1998
Contact: Christina Sarlo
Phone: 301-320-2642
Fax: 301-320-0284

Washington, D.C. -- A national grassroots organization is rallying its members and the public to challenge the Clinton Administration and Congress over its failed nuclear policy with China. This protest comes on the heels of the announcement in Beijing of an accord reached between President Clinton and President Jiang Zemin whereby both countries agreed to stop targeting their ballistic missiles on each other’s cities.

"This agreement to stop targeting American and Chinese cities is a ruse," said Gene Vosseler, President of Citizens For a Strong America. "The truth of the matter is that China’s ICBMs can be retargeted in less than one minute."

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the United States has no defense against an incoming ballistic missiles. This runs counter to the opinion of 73% of the American people who believe they are defended against ballistic missiles with deadly warheads launched by accident or design.

Clinton is also coming under increasing fire after his comments in Shanghai reaffirming the "one China policy" thereby ceding Taiwan to mainland rule. Previously, high-ranking Chinese officials have threatened the U.S. if we interfered with Taiwan.

"What happened in Tibet with the murder of more than one million peace-loving Tibetans, and more recently the massacre at Tienanmen Square and the continued denial of human rights, should tell the world what the Chinese are capable of doing to people and nations who are left undefended," Vosseler said. "That’s why we need ballistic missile defense today!"

Proponents of ballistic missile defense claim that America has the technology to deploy but lacks the political will. "The Senate will not even allow a vote on deployment," Vosseler complained. "Proponents in the Senate fell one vote short in an effort to end a democratic filibuster on a recent cloture vote and the decision to commit the United States to deploy ballistic missile defense as soon as technologically possible."

"The beautiful images of China and the prospects of developing new lucrative markets to U.S. companies should not dim our view of reality," Vosseler said. "China is a threat to America and the free world. Economic interdependence might be a step towards opening up China politically, but it does not guarantee peace. America would be in a much stronger position when it negotiates from strength -- political, economic and yes, military."

Vosseler and Citizens For a Strong America are urging their members and the public to call their legislators to voice concern over America’s vulnerability to China and demand a ballistic missile defense. Vosseler is conducting a national radio tour and is networking with other organizations to get this message to the public.

To schedule an interview or for more information, contact CFSA at 301-320-0284. And visit the website


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