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Notable Quotes

"FROM AN ETHICAL POINT OF VIEW, THE ABM TREATY IS appaling. It is in fact, an instrument of an experiment that makes the population of the U.S., some 250 million people, hostage to the policies and insanities and errors of the rest of the world. The ABM Treaty should be terminated immediately, either in cooperation with the Russians or, if not, then unilaterally."

William Graham
Former Presidential Science Advisor

"I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT THERE IS NO GREATER TASK AHEAD in terms of our national security than defending our citizens and our soil. In my view, it is time to change the Cold War era regime established by the ABM Treaty -- which currently leaves American people vulnerable to missile attack from any country capable of developing or buying a long-range missile."

Bob Dole
Republican Presidential Nominee

"WITHOUT SOME KIND OF SERIOUS ANTI-BALLISTIC MISSILE defense, we are literally naked to blackmail and we risk two or three of our cities. The United States should, in fact, proceed with defending itself against ballistic missiles from countries like Iran, North Korea or Syria or Libya."

Rep. Newt Gingrich
Speaker of the House

"OUR FREEDOM MUST BE DEFENDED! WE MUST TAKE CONTROL of our own destiny. The time for relying upon the goodwill of unpredictable foreign leaders and despots is over. We must deploy ballistic missile defense for America now. Peace treaties with tyrannical systems of government are worthless scraps of paper, as we learned from Neville Chamberlain's infamous pact with Germany."

Gene Vosseler
Chairman, Citizens For A Strong America

"WHAT THE RUSSIANS WILL ACTUALLY BE SELLING TO THE Third World under the guise of joint ventures will be turn-key missile bases. The missiles that will be present in the Third World will [be] the latest Russian ICBMs and SLBMs, decades more advanced in technology than what is otherwise possible in Third World missiles. And these missiles will have intercontinental range with large payloads."

U.S. Government White Paper, 1995

"RUSSIA IS REPORTEDLY FAILING TO DISMANTLE WEAPONS OF mass destruction, modernizing and replacing weapons beyond defensive requirements, reusing fissionable materials and components for weapons, blocking U.S. verification of nuclear and biological weapons facilities, and violating arms control agreements."

General Accounting Office Report
as cited by
The Washington Times
December 20, 1995


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