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Can we trust any leader who leaves us defenseless?

Little girl with flower in front of nuclear explosion Nuclear proliferation has vastly increased since the "end of the Cold War." More than 26 nations possess ballistic missiles, including avowed U.S. enemies North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Libya. These missiles can be loaded with nuclear warheads or chemical and biological weapons, the "poor man's nuclear bomb." The technology to launch these missiles against the United States can be purchased on the open market.

America is completely vulnerable to a ballistic missile attack, whether deliberate or accidental. Though we have the technology, we lack the political will to deploy it.

Americans believe they are safe. According to a recent poll, 60% of Americans surveyed believe they are defended. When informed otherwise, more than 80% express outrage and anger.

"Our missiles can not reach Washington. If they could reach Washington, we would strike if the need arose."
-- Saddam Hussein
Clinton's rigid adherence to the 1972 ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty prevents the U.S. from deploying off-the-shelf technology to defend America. This treaty, however, is flawed due to repeated Russian violations and the rapid proliferation of ballistic missile technology by other rogue nations. Even Henry Kissinger, the architect of the ABM Treaty, now believes the treaty is outdated.

  • Clinton recently allowed Russia to sell easily concealed ICBMs as launchers for space vehicles to any nation -- including Iran, Iraq, Libya and Cuba. According to a Congressional technical assessment report, these turn-key missile launchers can be loaded with nuclear, chemical or biological warheads within three hours.

  • The Clinton Pentagon refused to spend $275 million already appropriated by Congress for ballistic missile defense.

  • Clinton vetoed the FY1996 Defense Authorization Bill which would have mandated the deployment of a nation-wide ballistic missile defense system to protect the entire United States by 2003.

  • In an agreement reached with President Yeltsin, Clinton committed to "dumb down" (reduce the effectiveness of) our
regional defense missile systems. As a result, a U.S. Navy cruiser off the North Korean coast could block an incoming missile on Japan but couldn't block one targeted at the U.S. Russia is under no such obligation.

  • Continuing the technology drain of previous administrations, President Clinton has accelerated massive technology transfers from Silicon Valley. He has removed export controls on supercomputers used to research, develop and target ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads.

  • The Clinton Administration has expressed no outrage over a recent New York Times report in which a senior Chinese official threatened to launch a nuclear strike on Los Angeles if the U.S. ever intervened to protect Taiwan.


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